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We partner with clients to design and deliver bespoke leadership learning solutions.

Our intent is to enable performance through individual, team and collective insight and reflection. This enables self-sustaining learning, ongoing performance and mutual accountability.


P7 Consulting delivers services that are firmly based in organisational behaviour and therapeutic psychology. 

Our services are also deeply informed by decades of consultants’ experience both as senior executives and as principal consultants. We do the work that we love to do and where we can bring our best. 

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The company has a range of highly experienced associates with decades of hands-on consulting experience between them.

P7 delivers bespoke solutions to business, government and not-for-profits. 

P7 offers client-specific interventions that combine both linear and systemic solutions. We offer development that is both horizontal (skills, tools, capabilities) and vertical (mindsets, attitudes, beliefs).


P7 prides itself therefore on providing holistic and systemic solutions which enable whole-of-person and whole-of-organisation transformation.



Individual coaching seeks to clarify and harness the potential that people hold within. Looked at conversely, coaching seeks to identify significant interference, understand its role and then set it aside by effectively managing it. 


Our coaches use patience, challenge, perseverance, insight and care to build performance improvement. We adopt different approaches according to the needs of different clients.

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Positive emotional wellbeing is vital to individuals, teams and organisations as a whole. Since organisations are made up of multiple systems that impact on one another, we address the individual, teams and organisations as three interrelated components.



Leadership is not the use of authority. Leadership takes place when you work beyond your authority. We invite individuals, teams and collectives to explore what it means to work on the edge of their authority, to challenge expectations and make progress on something you they care about.


Our leadership interventions seek to build insight, courage, and purpose. Interventions are  developed for best fit and usually include a wide range of processes.

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We provide a safe, understanding and confidential space with clients. Our aim is to create the right environment in which client's can gain insight, make meaning of challenges they face, be inspired and build their resources for change. We use a range of evidence-based approaches. 

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